Writing - 52 stories

The second part of the challenge is to write a story every week for a year. This page will document that journey.

Week 1:  10-16 July 2013
I wrote a new short story this week and did a couple of edits on it. I’ll read it at our next writers’ group meeting and then decide what, if anything, I will do with it. I also edited some older stories, wrote a poem, read other stuff, did some editing work and writing work, and thought about writing a lot more. A successful first week.

Week 2: 17-23 July 2013
Wrote a short story, which I read at my writers group. I'll leave it a few weeks and then see if I think it's worth working on it. I thought it wasn't too bad.

Week 3: 24-30 July 2013
I wrote a short story, but it's probably not worth doing anything with it as it really went nowhere. Not a great week in terms of achievement, but I did write a short story and some other things as well as a pile of editing and non-fiction work.

Week 4:  31 July to 6 August 2013
I wrote a short story, plus a couple of others that didn't go anywhere. The last one did go somewhere though, and I'll let it sit for a while, but think it will fit nicely with the others in the e-book of short stories I'm working on. I also did some non-fiction work this week and looked through some old stories to decide whether or not to work on them. (I write first drafts long hand, and only put them into Word if I think they're worth the effort, but re-write them as I go.

Week 5: 7-13 August 2013
It's been going well, and I've managed to keep up with the readings (now on day 32). I wrote a very short story, did some editing, and read last week's story at my writers group. I need to get into a better routine and set a time each day to write and read, as I'm not writing every day and can easily get distracted.

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