1000 Stories

These are the stories I've read so far:

(Note that the ones without the links are from the period when I gave up this blog but kept notes in my notebook. I'll put in the posts and links one of these days.)

Night   Story

3           Liam O'Flaherty, The Three Lambs
4           Eric Cross, The Jury Case
5           L.A.G. Strong, Prongs
6           Somerville and Ross, Lisheen Races, Second-hand
7           Mary Lavin, A Wet Day
8           Michael McLaverty, The Poteen Maker
9           Frank O'Connor, Guests of the Nation
10         Saki. The Romancers
11         Saki, A Holiday Task
12         Saki, The Unkindest Blow
13         Saki, The Reticence of Lady Anne
14         Saki, The Philanthropist and the Happy Cat
15         Saki, The Match-maker
16         Saki. Fur
17         Saki. The Seventh Pullet
18         Graham Greene. I Spy
19         Graham Greene. The Case for the Defence    
20         Saki. The Open Window
21         Graham Greene. The Blue Film
22         Saki. The Unrest Cure
23         Graham Greene. The Second Death
24         Graham Greene. Men at War
25         Graham Greene. The Innocent
26         James Stephens. A Rhinoceros, Some Ladies, and a Horse
27         Graham Greene. The Basement Room
28         Graham Greene. Proof Positive
29         Graham Greene. A Day Saved
30         Graham Greene. Alas, Poor Maling
31         Graham Greene. Special Duties
32         Graham Greene. Jubilee
33         Graham Greene. Brother
34         Graham Greene. The End of the Party
39         Pablo Gonzalez Casanova: The maiden and the beast
40         Daniel Corkery: The awakening
44         Bryan MacMahon: Exile's Return
45         James Joyce: The Dead
46         James Plunkett: The eagles and the trumpet
47         Henry Lawson: In a dry season
48         Henry Lawson: Enter Mitchell
49         Henry Lawson: That there dog of mine
50         Ray Bradbury: There will come soft rains
51         Henry Lawson: Stragglers
52         Henry Lawson: The mystery of Dave Regan
53         Henry Lawson: Bill, the ventriloquist rooster
54         Henry Lawson: The man who forgot
55         Charles Dickens: The bagman's story
56         Henry Lawson: Two boys at Grinder Bros.
57         Henry Lawson: A droving yarn
58         Henry Lawson: The ghostly door
59         Henry Lawson: The drover's wife
60         Henry Lawson: Going blind
61         Henry Lawson: In a wet season
62         Henry Lawson: The iron bark chip 
63         Henry Lawson: His country--after all
64         Henry Lawson: His father's mate
65         Saki: The Reticence of Lady Anne
66         Saki: The Disappearance of Crispina Umbedeigh
67         Joseph Conrad: The Secret Sharer
68         Saki: The Philanthropist and the Happy Cat
69         Ray Bradbury: The Veldt
70         Ray Bradbury: Kaleidoscope
71         Ray Bradbury: The Other Foot
72         Ray Bradbury: The Highway
73         Ray Bradbury: The Man
74         Ray Bradbury: The Long Rain
75         Saki: The Sex that Doesn't Shop
76         Saki: The Matchmaker
77         Saki: Mrs Packletide's Tiger
78         Saki: The Secret Sin of Septimus Brope
79         Ray Bradbury: Usher II
80         Ray Bradbury: The Last Night of the World
81         Saki: The Byzantine Omelette
82         Ray Bradbury: The Rocket
83         Ray Bradbury: No Particular Night or Morning
84         Saki: The Easter Egg
85         Ray Bradbury: The Fox and the Forest
86         Jean Ferry:  Le Tigre Mondain (tr. Jean Stewart)
87         Ray Bradbury: The Visitor
88         Ray Bradbury: Marionettes, Inc.
89         Ray Bradbury: The City
90         Ray Bradbury: Zero Hour
91         Ray Bradbury: The Playground
92         Pablo Gonzalez Casanova: The Rich Man and his Animals
93         Pablo Gonzalez Casanova: The Lazy  Boy and the Little Rabbit
94         Pablo Gonzalez Casanova: The Little Coyote and the Skunk
95         Pablo Gonzalez Casanova: The Snake and the Man
96         Pablo Gonzalez Casanova: The Disobedient Boy
97         Saki: The Remouldng of Groby Lington
98         Saki: The Yarkand Manner
99         Saki: The Quince Tree
100       Saki: The Blind Spot
101       Saki: Gabriel-Ernest
102       Saki: Morlvera
103       Isaac Asimov. A Loint of Paw
104       Isaac Asimov: The Dust of Death
105       Isaac Asimov: Star Light
106       Ray Bradbury: All Summer in a Day
107       Annie Saumont: Bretagne: You should have changed at Dol
108       Daniel Boulanger, Made for Two
109       Guy de Maupassant (1850-93): A Norman
110       Pablo Gonzales Casanova (tr): The Red Grasshopper
111       Daniel Boulanger: The cattle man
112       Nina Kiriki Hoffman: One Hundred Babies
113       Pierre Mac Orlan: The Garden of Illusions
114       Stephane Emond: Light Souls
115       Stephane Emond: House in the woods (tr Helen Constantine)
116       Christian Garcin (b. 1959): The Voiceless
117       Marcel Aymé: Rue de l'Évangile
118       Didier Daeninckx: The Phantom of Rainbow Street
119       Rene Bazin: The Saviours of the White Wine
120       Colette: Where are the Children?
121       John Collier (1901-80): Wet Saturday
122       Ray Bradbury: The Ravine
123       Ray Bradbury: A Piece of Wood
124       John Collier: Bottle Party
125       John Collier: The Touch of Nutmeg Makes It
126       John Collier: De Mortuis
127       John Collier: Little Memento
128       John Collier: Mary
129       John Collier: Midnight Blue
130       John Collier: Back for Christmas
131       John Collier: Evening Primrose
132       John Collier: The Frog Prince
133       John Collier: Rope Enough
134       John Collier:  The Chaser
135       Philip van Doren Stern: The Greatest Gift
136       John Collier: The devil, George, and Rosie
137       John Collier: Great Possibilities
138       John Collier: Half-way to Hell
139       John Collier: Possession of Angela Bradshaw
140       John Collier: The Right Side
141       John Collier: Another American Tragedy
142       Emile Zola: The Flood
143       Alphonse Daudet: The Beaucaire Coach
144       Alphonse Daudet: The Pope's Mule
145       John Collier: Bird of Prey
146       John Collier: Thus I Refute Beelzy
147       John Collier: Night! Youth! Paris! And the Moon!
148       John Collier: Variation on a Theme
149       Ray Bradbury: The Happiness Machine
150       Jean Ferry: The Fashionable Tiger (Le Tigre Mondain)
151       Ellery Queen: The Adventure of the Seven Black Cats
152       Agatha Christie: The Disappearance of  Mr Davenheim
153       August Derleth: Adventure of the Grice-Paterson Curse
154       Hugh Pentecost: The Day the Children Vanished
155       Pablo Gonzalez Casanova: The Lion and the Cricket
156       H.G. Wells:  The Lord of the Dynamo
157       H.G. Wells: The Remarkable Case of Davidson's Eyes
158       H.G. Wells: The Moth
159       Pablo Gonzalez Casanova: The Disobedient Boy
160       H.G. Wells:  A Catastrophe
161       H.G. Wells:   The Cone
162       H.G. Wells:  The Argonauts of the Air
163       Pablo Gonzalez Casanova: The Old Dog and the Coyote
164       Pablo Gonzalez Casanova: The Little Fox and the Wolf
165       H.G. Wells:  Under the Knife
166       Stephen S. Power: For Our Light Affliction
167       H.G. Wells: A Slip Under the Microscope
168       H.G. Wells: The Plattner Story
169       H.G. Wells: The Story of the Late Mister Elvesham
170       H.G. Wells:  In the Abyss
171       H.G. Wells:  The Sea Raiders
172       H.G. Wells: The Crystal Egg
173       Suzanne Cass:  Solar Flare
174       MacKinlay Kantor:  The grave grass quivers 
175       John Dickson Carr: The footprint in the sky
176       Cornell Woolrich: Through a dead man's eye
177       H.G.Wells:  A story of the stone age (parts I to III)
178       H.G. Wells: A story of the stone age (parts IV and V)
179       H.G. Wells: The star
180       H.G. Wells: The man who could work miracles
181       H.G. Wells: A dream of Armageddon
182       H.G. Wells:  The new accelerator
183       H.G. Wells:  The truth about Pyecraft

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