1000 Stories

These are the stories I've read so far:

Night   Story

3           Liam O'Flaherty, The Three Lambs
4           Eric Cross, The Jury Case
5           L.A.G. Strong, Prongs
6           Somerville and Ross, Lisheen Races, Second-hand
7           Mary Lavin, A Wet Day
8           Michael McLaverty, The Poteen Maker
9           Frank O'Connor, Guests of the Nation
10         Saki. The Romancers
11         Saki, A Holiday Task
12         Saki, The Unkindest Blow
13         Saki, The Reticence of Lady Anne
14         Saki, The Philanthropist and the Happy Cat
15         Saki, The Match-maker
16         Saki. Fur
17         Saki. The Seventh Pullet
18         Graham Greene. I Spy
19         Graham Greene. The Case for the Defence    
20         Saki. The Open Window
21         Graham Greene. The Blue Film
22         Saki. The Unrest Cure
23         Graham Greene. The Second Death
24         Graham Greene. Men at War
25         Graham Greene. The Innocent
26         James Stephens. A Rhinoceros, Some Ladies, and a Horse
27         Graham Greene. The Basement Room
28         Graham Greene. Proof Positive
29         Graham Greene. A Day Saved
30         Graham Greene. Alas, Poor Maling
31         Graham Greene. Special Duties
32         Graham Greene. Jubilee
33         Graham Greene. Brother
34         Graham Greene. The End of the Party
35         Isaac Asimov. A Loint of Paw
36         Isaac Asimov: The Dust of Death
37         Isaac Asimov: Star Light

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