1000 Poems

These are the poems I've read so far:
Night    Poem
1           William Blake (Songs of Innocence), The Blossom
2           William Blake (SoI) Introduction
3           William Blake (SoI) The Ecchoing Green
4           William Blake (SoI) The Lamb, The Shepherd
5           Robert Herrick, To the Virgins to Make Much of Time
6           George Gordon, Lord Byron, Farewell!
7           Thomas Hood, I Remember, I Remember
8           Walt Whitman, I Hear America Singing 
9           Lewis Carroll, Father William
10         William Ernest Henley, Invictus
11         Sir John Suckling. Why so Pale and Wan
12         Richard Lovelace, To Lucasta, On Going to the Wars
13         Sir Walter Scott, Native Land
14         William Wordsworth, The World is Too Much with Us
15         Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. The Village Blacksmith
16         Ralph Waldo Emerson, Brahma
17         Robert Louis Stevenson, Requiem
18         W. B. Yeats: Love Song: From the Gaelic
19         W. B. Yeats. Reconciliation
20         W. B. Yeats. The Swans at Coole
21         Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. The Day is Done
22         Walt Whitman. O Captain! My Captain!
23         Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Sonnets from the Portuguese. No. 6.
24         Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Sonnets from the Portuguese. No. 16.
25         Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Sonnets from the Portuguese. No. 43
26         W. B. Yeats. Nineteen Hundred and Nineteen
27         Emily Dickinson. The Only News I Know, and Chartless
28         Charles Lamb. On an Infant Dying as soon as Born
29         John Keats. Ode on a Grecian Urn
30         William Blake. The Tyger
31         William Blake. To the Evening Star
32         Samuel T. Coleridge. Kubla Khan
33         Richard Lovelace. From Althea to Prison
34         Robert Browning. Incident of the French Camp
35         Walt Whitman. The Artillery Man's Vision.
36         Walt Whitman: The Wound Dresser
37         Walt Whitman: I Sit and Look Out


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