The Ray Bradbury Challenge

The Ray Bradbury Challenge is based on advice Ray gave to writers. Part one is to read one short story, one poem, and one essay every night for 1000 nights. Part two is to write at least one short story every week for a year or more. He said it's impossible to write 52 bad stories in a row.

So that is the challenge I've set myself, and this blog is intended to help me stick to the goals of reading a story/poem/essay every night for 1000 nights, and writing at least one story a week for 52 weeks.

I hope you will follow me on this amazing journey, and perhaps join me by doing the Ray Bradbury challenge yourself. Let me know if you decide to embark on this and we can egg each other along!

Here's the video (it's also on the Day 1 post):

PS. When I first started this I soon found that 1000 consecutive nights was going to be too onerous because too many things were happening at the time: too much work, caring for my dying mother, suffering depression, and so on. But now in 2016 I'm ready to go again.

The second part of the challenge is to write 52 stories - one each week for a year, and it should be possible to write a short story every week, even if it's short, unpublishable rubbish, appalling crap, or even a 10-20 minute speed write. There should also be time in a week to produce at least a second draft. The Writings page will document my progress on this part of the challenge, but as noted above the dates won't necessarily correspond with the numbers in the 1000 nights challenge, so night 26 might be in week 5 rather than week 4. Just saying.


  1. I'm not a writer, but this seems very ambitious. Good luck.

  2. Awesome. Love Beadbury. I'd love to do this--after A-Z blog challenge, perhaps? :-)


  3. Oh boy, there you go...inspiring me to get back on track...


  4. I met and visited with Ray Bradbury in 1995, I loved his advice and the story of his writing career, his wife was with him at the time she has the same perky personality. He is quite a character and I've loved writing ever since meeting inspiring.

  5. Wow, I would have loved to have met Ray as just watching him on YouTube, and of course reading his books, is so inspiring for me. I'm glad you have such great memories.

  6. Hello! This is fabulous. I have been posting his hygiene recipe and his "can't write 52 bad ones [short stories]" challenge for a few years, however I was totally ignorant that you had a lovely site and community built around this. Are you still doing this? (will look around the site more) Good luck in your writing!

  7. It's been neglected lately, but I should get back to it! Good luck with your writing too.