1000 Essays

These are the essays I've read so far:

Night     Essay
1            Ben Jonson, De Shakespeare Nostrat (Of our countryman, Shakespeare), Harvard Classics
2            Leigh Hunt, Deaths of Little Children, HC
3            Daniel Defoe, The Education of Women, HC
4            Jonathan Swift, A Treatise on Good Manners and Good Breeding
5            Sir Richard Steele, The Spectator Club
6            Abraham Cowley, Of Agriculture
7            Joseph Addison, Westminster Abbey
8            Ben Jonson, On Bacon, Dominus Verulamius
9            Jonathan Swift, Hints Towards an Essay on Conversations
10          David Hume. Of Essay Writing  
11          David Hume, Of the Middle Station of Life
12          David Hume, Of the Delicacy of Taste and Passion
13          David Hume, The Platonist
14          David Hume, Of the Origin of Government
15          David Hume. Of Superstition and Enthusiasm
16          David Hume, Of Civil Liberty
17          Wesley Greene, Potato
18          David Hume. On the Immortality of the Soul
19          David Hume. Of Some Remarkable Customs
20          William Hazlitt. Of Persons One Would Wish to Have Seen
21          David Hume. The Epicurean
22          Loren C. Eiseley. The Fire Apes
23          Joseph Addison. The Vision of Mirza
24          Jonathan Swift. A Letter of Advice to a Young Poet
25          David Hume. That Politics may be Reduced to a Science
26          David Hume. Of the Dignity or Meanness of Human Nature
27          David Hume. The Stoic
28          David Hume. Of Tragedy
29          Germaine Greer. Flip-Top Legal Pot
30          Germaine Greer. Dear John
31          David Hume. Of Refinement in the Arts  
32          Germaine Greer. On Population and Women's Rights to Choose
33          Germaine Greer. The Dalton Syndrome
34          Germaine Greer. The Pulitzer Divorce
35.         Raimundus (Raimundo).  Letters: John Cabot's Discovery of North America
36          Clive James: Not Drowning but Waving
37          Peter Singer: The Value of a Pale Blue Dot

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