1000 Essays

These are the essays I've read so far:

(Note that the ones without the links are from the period when I gave up this blog but kept notes in my notebook. I'll put in the posts and links one of these days.)

Night     Essay
1            Ben Jonson, De Shakespeare Nostrat (Of our countryman, Shakespeare), Harvard Classics
2            Leigh Hunt, Deaths of Little Children, HC
3            Daniel Defoe, The Education of Women, HC
4            Jonathan Swift, A Treatise on Good Manners and Good Breeding
5            Sir Richard Steele, The Spectator Club
6            Abraham Cowley, Of Agriculture
7            Joseph Addison, Westminster Abbey
8            Ben Jonson, On Bacon, Dominus Verulamius
9            Jonathan Swift, Hints Towards an Essay on Conversations
10          David Hume. Of Essay Writing  
11          David Hume, Of the Middle Station of Life
12          David Hume, Of the Delicacy of Taste and Passion
13          David Hume, The Platonist
14          David Hume, Of the Origin of Government
15          David Hume. Of Superstition and Enthusiasm
16          David Hume, Of Civil Liberty
17          Wesley Greene, Potato
18          David Hume. On the Immortality of the Soul
19          David Hume. Of Some Remarkable Customs
20          William Hazlitt. Of Persons One Would Wish to Have Seen
21          David Hume. The Epicurean
22          Loren C. Eiseley. The Fire Apes
23          Joseph Addison. The Vision of Mirza
24          Jonathan Swift. A Letter of Advice to a Young Poet
25          David Hume. That Politics may be Reduced to a Science
26          David Hume. Of the Dignity or Meanness of Human Nature
27          David Hume. The Stoic
28          David Hume. Of Tragedy
29          Germaine Greer. Flip-Top Legal Pot
30          Germaine Greer. Dear John
31          David Hume. Of Refinement in the Arts  
32          Germaine Greer. On Population and Women's Rights to Choose
33          Germaine Greer. The Dalton Syndrome
34          Germaine Greer. The Pulitzer Divorce
35          Edmund Burke: The sublime and the beautiful: Novelty
36          Edmund Burke: The sublime and the beautiful: Pain and pleasure
37          Edmund Burke: Of the sublime
39          Edmund Burke: Terror
40          John Henry Newman: The idea of a university, part I
44          Thomas Henry Huxley: Science and culture
45          Ray Bradbury: How to keep and feed a muse
46          Leslie Baily: Gilbert and Sullivan and their world
47          James Russell Lowell: Democracy
48          Edgar Allan Poe: The Poetic Principle, part I
49          Edgar Allan Poe: The Poetic Principle, part II
50          Graham Greene: Henry James: The Private Universe
51          George Orwell, Politics and the English Language
52          Graham Greene: The portrait of a lady
53          Prof. Art Masmorstein: 20th century art, music, and literature
54          Graham Greene: Romance in Pimlico
55          Graham Greene: Poetry in Limbo
56          Allan G. Johnson: If not capitalism, what?
57          Graham Greene: Doctor Oates of Salamanca
58          Graham Greene: Portrait of a maiden lady
59          J .H. Hexter: The rhetoric of history
60          Graham Greene: Hans Anderson
61          Graham Greene: Charles Churchill
62          Graham Greene: Film Lunch (1937)
63          Graham Greene: The Marxist Heretic
64          Graham Greene: The British Pig (1934)
65          Graham Greene: The Unknown war
66          Graham Greene: George Moore and Others (1939)
67          Graham Greene: The Mn as Pure as Lucifer (1955)
68          Brian Doyle: Maybe perhaps mayhaps and glee in the grass (2006)
69          Graham Greene: The Ugly Act (1949)
70          Graham Greene: Goats and Incense (1956)
71          Graham Greene: Mr Cook's Century (1941)
72          Graham Greene: A Jacobite Poet (1933)
73          Graham Greene: Eric Gill (1941)
74          Graham Greene: The Last Buchan (1941)
75          Graham Greene: A Hoax on Mr Hulton (1939)
76          Graham Greene: Invincible Ignorance (1940)
77          Graham Greene: Man Made Angry (1939)
78          Graham Greene: Rider Haggard's Secret (1951)
79          Graham Greene: Isis Idol (1935)
80          Graham Greene: The Town of Malgudi (1952)
81          Graham Greene: G.K. Chesterton (1944)
82          Graham Greene: The Victor and the Victim (1959)
83          Graham Greene: Two Friends (1948)
84          Graham Greene: Poetry from Limbo (1939)
85          Graham Greene: Inside Oxford (1938)
86          Graham Greene: The Lover of Leeds (1938)
87          Clive James:  Germaine Greer: Getting Married Later (1970, with PS 1994, 2001
88          Clive James: Postcard from Rome (1979, with PS 2001)
89          Clive James: Somewhere Becoming Rain (1989)
90          Clive James: Approximately in the Vicinity of Barry Humphries (1983, and PS 2001)
91          Clive James: The Dragon Lady Flies East (1982)
92          Clive James: The Great Leap Homeward
93          Clive James: Nabokov's Grand Folly (1977, and PS 2001)
94          Clive James: On Seamus Heaney
95          Clive James: Mailer's Marilyn (1973, and PS 2001)
96          Clive James: Hitler's Unwitting Exculpator
97          Donna Leon: My Venice
98          Clive James: Raymond Chandler (1977, and PS 2001)
99          Clive James: The All of Orwell (1999)
100        Donna Leon: Garbage
101        Donna Leon: Gypsies
102        Donna Leon: Italian Beaurocracy
103        Raimundus (Raimundo).  Letters: John Cabot's Discovery of North America
104        Clive James: Not Drowning but Waving
105        Peter Singer: The Value of a Pale Blue Dot
106        Peter Singer: Does Anything Matter?
107        Peter Singer: God and suffering: again, and Godless morality
108        Peter Singer: Are We Ready for a Morality Pill?
109        Peter Singer: Should this be the last generation? 
110        Peter Singer: Europe's Ethical Eggs
111        Peter Singer: The use and abuse of religious freedom
112        Peter Singer: No, Don't Move to Canada--or Australia
113        Peter Singer: A Dream for the Digital Age
121        David Sedaris, Laugh, Kookaburra
122        Peter Singer: Escaping the Refugee Crisis
123        Jane Wilson: Bushrangers in the Australian Dictionary of Biography
124        Ray Bradbury: The Joy of Writing, 1973 (in Zen in the Art of Writing, 1994)
125        Ray Bradbury: Run Fast, Stand Still, or the Thing at the Top of the Stairs, or New Ghosts from Old Minds
126        Kristin Romey: The Search for the Real Jesus (National Geographic, Dec 2017)
127        Ray Bradbury: Drunk, and in Charge of a Bicycle
128        Ray Bradbury: Investing Dimes: Fahrenheit 451(1982)
129        Ray Bradbury: Just this side of Byzantium: Dandelion Wine
130        Ray Bradbury: The Long Road to Mars
131        Ray Bradbury: On the Shoulders of Giants
132        Ray Bradbury: The Secret Mind
133 Ray Bradbury: Shooting haiku in a barrel
134        Peter Singer: Australia gives the world's poor little more than small change
135 Peter Singer: Pulling back the curtain on the mercy killing of newborns
136 Martin Amis: The Republican Party in 2016: Trump
138        Martin Amis: Philip Larkin: His Work and Life
139        Martin Amis: Christopher Hitchens
140        Martin Amis: Is Terrorism 'About Religion'?
141        Martin Amis: Nabokov and the Problem from Hell
142        Martin Amis: Don DeLillo: Laureate of Terror
143        Martin Amis: Larkin's Letters to Monica
144        Martin Amis:  The Queen's Speech: The Queen's Heart
145        Clive James:  Making Programmes the World Wants
146        Clive James:  He That Played the Fool
147        Melanie Joosten: The Right to be Old
148        Melanie Joosten: Invisible Women
149        Melanie Joosten: Home at Last
150        Melanie Joosten: Big Sisters
151        Melanie Joosten: Notes on Writing and Doing Good
152        Melanie Joosten: Reading into Dementia
153        Melanie Joosten: As Long as Life Endures
154        Melanie Joosten: Too Hard, These Days
155        Clive James:  Fanfare for a Big Yin
156        Clive James: We Will be Re-Released
157        Clive James: Sarah Raphael
158        Clive James:  Sarah Raphael (Obituary)
159        Clive James:  For Terence Kilmartin
160        Clive James:  Incredible Two-Headed Man
161        Clive James: Serious Brain Operation
162        Clive James: Your Space or Mine?
163        Clive James: Last Will and Testament
164        Clive James:  Galway Kinnell's Great Poem
165        Clive James: Chip, chip, chip
166        Barry Humphries: Up a Wombat's Freckle
167        Stan Grant: Statement from the Heart
168        Harriet Riley: Endlings
169       Tim Flannery:  Extravagant, aggressive birds down under
170        Amanda C. Niehaus:  Pluripotent
171        Robert Skinner: Lessons from Camels
172        Sonya Hartnett: Hello Stranger
173        John Clarke: Commonplace
174        Moreno Giovannoni:  A short history of the Italian language
175        Nick Feik: Killing our media
176        Sebastian Smee: Art walks a tightrope
177        Sam Vincent: Peasant Dreaming
178        Jennifer Rutherford: House of Flowers
179        Janine Mikosza: How not to speak Polish
180        Anwen Crawford: Towards joy
181        Keane Shum: The tamarind is always sour
182        J.M Coetzee: Zama: Life at the limits of Empire
183        Melissa Howard: Now no-one here is alone

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