Friday, 16 August 2013

34 - Greene/Browning/Greer

Germaine Greer. The Pulitzer Divorce (1983). Essay about injustice in divorce in America, especially when the wife is poor and young, and the husband is older and rich.

Robert Browning. Incident of the French Camp. Poem about a boy soldier meeting Napoleon as he is cut down. A sad tale of war, and all the sadder because nothing has changed and boys (and girls now) are still dying in stupid wars.

Graham Greene. The End of the Party (1929). A weird story that was boring at first as it seemed to drag on and on. The ending was strange, and I still wonder why Francis was so frightened when his twin was not. A well-crafted story, but for me (living some 84 years after it was written), I thought it needed some editing and tightening up. Which is probably more a reflection on our shorter attention spans than on Greene's genius as a story teller.

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