Monday, 22 July 2013

11 - Saki/Suckling/Hume

I've been keeping tabs of all this, but I'm trying to cut the time I spend on the Internet, so have delayed posting on it. I also try to have at least one day of the week that is completely free of computers/Internet and technology. I may go to one posting a week or something. This is a work in progress!

Short story
Saki (1870-1916). A Holiday Task. This is from a book of short stories by Saki (H.H.Munro) I've had on my bookshelf for years. I've dipped into them from time to time, and have always loved his powers of observation. One of the things I like about Saki is his ability to make up names. Where on earth did the name Kenelm Jerton come from? Or Lady Knewford? Or Lady Braddleshrub? Who is the Fair Unknown? This story did nothing for me really, which might be because of my mood or because of my current busyness, but it just seemed pointless.

Sir John Suckling. Why So Pale and Wan.  I think this is a poem about a woman who wants people to love her but who can't love herself.

David Hume. Of the Middle Station of Life.  (From David Hume, Selected Essays, Oxford World's Classics.) The essay never really defines 'the middle station of life', but I suppose it's what we would call middle age - but what is that? 40-60? 45-65? 50-65? Dunno. The goalposts keep moving. But Hume says the middle station of life is one of strengthening friendships, and of wisdom and virtue. It is also more favourable to happiness. I guess that's where I'm at right now too.

I should say here while I'm at it that this project is to study a short story, a poem and an essay every day for 1000 days, but I don't for a minute expect that I'll be able to do 1000 days consecutively. Life has a way of intervening in plans like that. That's fine. It may be 1000 days spread over 1050 days for all I know. It really doesn't matter.

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